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If Panot life is cooler, giving Panot is even cooler.

Regala Panot,
porque la vida Panot mola más

Anniversaries, invisible friends, Christmas, welcomes... What you celebrate doesn't matter to us, the important thing is that you look better than giving away another plant.

How does it work?

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Choose the subscription that best suits what you are looking for: monthly or quarterly.

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Choose a card delivery format (physical or digital). You can receive it yourself or send it directly to whoever you want.

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Upon receiving the card, the person will only have to redeem the code on the website and they will be able to enjoy their Panot Bike.

Why give away Panot?

Honestly, giving an electric bike is a drama: mentally and financially. Luckily, now you can give away a Panot subscription and get that person you love to enjoy an electric bike of their own, yet without the bad things of actually owing one.

Each Panot subscription includes:

  • Technical assistance
  • Anti-theft insurance
  • Replacement bike
  • Double lock
  • 24-hour delivery

Do you have a gift card and want to redeem it? Do it here.